Video: SK Khoza reunites with his family

Video: SK Khoza reunites with his family

SK Khoza reunites with his family

SK Khoza has at long last rejoined with his family after he moved for a really long time in regards to his activities.

The star had so many stressed over him after recordings of him tearing apart a few group and in any event, strolling around shoeless became a web sensation.

All of this occurred in one day since he was seen wearing a similar outfit.

SK openly apologized and make individuals realize that he is improving.

Taking to Instagram, SK Khoza focused on what was happening at that point, the performer guaranteed that he was in a “dim space”

“Pardon ME for I have SINNED and was caught in an exceptionally DARK SPACE,” he wrote partially

Indeed, clearly he is getting better as he shared snaps of him and his grandma and afterward a day prior, his sibling, Abdul Khoza shared pictures of him, SK, and their dad.

“Home is our tranquility,” he subtitled the post.

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