“She is a plastic version of Bonang” – Slik Talk shades Mihlali Ndamase

“She is a plastic version of Bonang” – Slik Talk shades Mihlali Ndamase

“She is a plastic version of Bonang” – Slik Talk shades Mihlali Ndamase

Slik Talk has taken to his channel to slam Mihlali after she was blamed for supposedly engaging in extramarital relations with a wedded man named Leeroy Sidambe.

Mihlali was all over online entertainment after many hauled her for engaging in extramarital relations with somebody’s significant other.

Slik then again who isn’t to never concealing his sentiments slammed Mihlali and said he isn’t amazed and contrasted her with Bonang Matheba.

“So I hear Mihlali Ndamase is dating a wedded man and I am like that is simply wretched, that is revolting, tacky and awful. Regardless of how pretty you are regardless of the amount of cash you possess, no one regards a home wrecker. No one enjoys a homewrecker and that is the very thing you are tragically.”

He spread the word about his sentiments about Mihlali saying he never loved her in any case. He thinks Mihlali sets an awful guide to different ladies and has a negative message.

“I’ve never like Mihlali every step of the way, I could do without her message and I could do without what she addresses. Mihlali is a plastic rendition of Bonang, she’s an unfortunate man’s variant of Bonang. She is a less capable Bonang and a less alluring Bonang and a copycat. In any case, you know what they say, the duplicate might ever be worse than the first.

“I’m not astounded by your way of behaving on the grounds that this is the thing you’ve been teaching from the very beginning. From the very beginning you have been teaching ‘on the off chance that he doesn’t have this measure of cash… ” He then returned it to her episode with Boity where they talked about sweetheart remittance and how she would get R50K sweetheart recompense.

“This is the very thing that you’ve been at every turn, I’m not astounded you’re an awful guide to South African ladies. What number of individuals can have the option to tweet unequivocal tweets yet have brands fixing up to work with them? That is extremely peculiar,” he said.

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