Somizi and Manaka Ranaka send prayers to Lira

Somizi and Manaka Ranaka send prayers to Lira

Somizi and Manaka Ranaka send prayers to Lira

Somizi Mhlongo and Manaka Ranaka show love to Lira after her family reported that she experiencing a stroke.

On Tuesday night, the artist got showered with much love as it was declared on her authority Instagram page that she suffers a heart attack, and will suspend singing till she recuperates.

Taking to Instagram, Somizi shared a video of the artist and communicated love for her, he encouraged individuals to appeal to God for her.

“Our contemplations and petitions to God can have a tremendous effect… … I request from u to keep her in our requests… ..I know she will come out victorious… ..we love u,” he composed.

Manaka additionally sent petitions to Lira; “Mend QUEEN.. You’re in our souls and supplications,” the entertainer composed.

Reporting the artist’s medical issue, the family composed:

“We might want to make a move to share a few late improvements with respect to Lira’s wellbeing. Lira as of late gone to Germany for an exhibition however tragically experienced a stroke while there. Subsequently, her capacity to impart, specifically, her discourse, has been affected.”

“She is as of now going through therapy here in South Africa, drove by the best clinical group accessible. Her clinical group has encouraged that her excursion to recuperation will require persistence and consequently, it is improbable that she will actually want to act temporarily.”