“I quit music, if I die it will be my choice” – Intaba Yase Dubai

“I quit music, if I die it will be my choice” – Intaba Yase Dubai

“I quit music, if I die it will be my choice” – Intaba Yase Dubai

Intaba Yase Dubai has taken to his online entertainment to uncover that he has stopped music.

The star shared the news on his Facebook that regardless of being included in a hit melody, Imali Eningi, he has not gotten any penny from it.

The melody includes Big Zulu and it has been streamed multiple times on melodic stages.

Indeed, even with all, Intaba has spread the word about it that he is stopping music.

He said he isn’t battling with anyone even with Big Zulu yet he feels that he is simply not been sufficiently valued.

Intaba said: “I’m not battling with Big Zulu, I’m additionally not battling with my Company (Ambitious Ent). I’m battling with the way that I’m in a major melody which brought in cash however I haven’t gotten occasion a penny on it. Mali Eningi had additionally a chance to be included on a KFC bargain, I ddnt get anything from that, alongside that I haven’t got a penny from a tune. So I’m making an effort not to destroy anybody’s name here however I’m simply sharing my side of a story. Who at any point guarantees that he has paid me cash he/she is lying, I rehash he/she is lying. ”

“The main cash I have and get by with is R3, 700 which I get from my Company each long stretch of which I feel a debt of gratitude since I’m from a rustic spot and an unfortunate family and I want cash so my family can have something to eat, additionally the cash I get when I’m reserved ,Im likewise not content with it yet its a story for one more day for the present I was simply raising a point or a reality that however much I have really buckled down that doesnt mean I’m valued something very similar… … … .”

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