Video: AKA robbed of his sneakers in Malawi

Video: AKA robbed of his sneakers in MalawiAKA (rapper) - Wikipedia

AKA robbed of his sneakers in Malawi

AKA is smoldering after he was looted while on visit in Malawi over the course of the end of the week.

The star’s tennis shoes were taken in the midst of group surfing during a live exhibition at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Science’s (MUBAS) social end of the week in Blantyre as one of the fundamental entertainers.

In any case, AKA later lamented his choice as a unidentified “fan” saw the chance to take his shoes.

He had to walk shoeless after his Nike Jordans were peeled off him.

At a certain point, AKA vanishes as multitudes of individuals assembled around him to draw near to their venerated image. “Try not to take my shoes”, he can be heard saying into his mouthpiece.

Once more, whenever AKA arises, he is seen pushing off enthusiastic fans who attempt to grab him.

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