SA rappers who have rejected to be on Mac G’s podcast revealed

SA rappers who have rejected to be on Mac G’s podcast revealed

SA rappers who have rejected to be on Mac G’s podcast revealed

Mac G uncovers names of South African rappers who have wouldn’t be on his Podcast and Chill.

In one of the episodes, the digital recording moderator and his Co-have Sol Phenduka discussed rappers who they’ve sent a welcome to be on the show, yet dismissed.

“There are some celebs that we contacted and they were like noo, they just mize or bluetick us,” Mac said.

He further hailed Euphonik for being true about not coming to the show.

“I valued guys who are like, listen I love your sh** however I don’t want to come on, as Euphonik I attempted to have him on, he was like, listen dawg I couldn’t imagine anything better than to come yet I have zero faith in myself.”

Mac G further uncovered names of the rappers who dismissed to make an appearance and the interaction it took more time to contact them.

1. Cassper NyovestYou realize what occurred with Cassper, I will call TLee, im like yo TLee would we be able to do a meeting, he would be yo we not doing meetings, and afterward one week from now he is on some digital broadcasts or some TV show, no doubt about it he isn’t coming.” – Meanwhile, the rapper has openly uncovered that he disdains the show, as a result of the dramatization it triggers.

2. AKA – “AKA was extremely abnormal man, since, in such a case that you recollect that I did a manager’s episode with AKA’s manager Tiamo,” he said. Mac G additionally said it was uncovered to him that Kiernan is terrified.

3. Boity – G said he’s connected with her long time ago, yet her reaction was “Hie I want to come yet the time I will tell you.”

4. Moozlie – “Moozlie most certainly not coming, we attempted to have her two times and she brushed us off two times,” he said.
“The second time it was some supported thing I was doing a few stuff with Castle Lite and she was one individuals they were working with and they believe her should come and hop on the show, that didn’t occur, so I don’t think she is gonna come.”

Asides the four rappers referenced above, there are a few performers who have openly uncovered that they won’t ever be on the show; some even urged different stars to stay away from the show as it obliterates vocations.

DJ Maphorisa is one of the people who will dismiss a welcome from the podcasters.