Terry on her #BBM exit, dating Vyno and getting back to ‘Only Fans’

Terry on her #BBM exit, dating Vyno and getting back to ‘Only Fans’

Terry on her #BBM exit, dating Vyno and getting back to ‘Only Fans’

Previous Big Brother competitor Gugu Bonga, also known as Terry Treasure, is prepared to seek after adoration and send off her vocation after her exit from Big Brother Mzansi.

She’s as of now posted a rebound video on Only Fans reporting her return. Terry doesn’t have a Twitter account yet found out about her moving after her exit from the opposition on March 27.

“Seeing the positive messages made leaving the show such a great deal better. Whenever I emerged from the house I was very nervures about what will occur and how I ought to feel. I don’t anticipate halting Only Fans. I’m happy to be back. I feel no second thoughts about not getting the R1m, yet I realize I will get it in any case,” she told TshisaLIVE.

Fourteen days after Terry joined the show and was casted a ballot head of house, she figured getting along with however many individuals as could reasonably be expected would help her move around the show, yet she wound up clashing with previous challenger Dinky Bliss, who took to her web-based entertainment timetable to share unequivocal pictures of her when she left the show.

“My mother was not content with what Dinky had done and she maintains that us should sue. However, I was experienced and believed I’m not going to engage that. I feel like I’ve moved past that/I was not even outside and she did that. It’s whatever. I obstructed her.”


She might not have won the R2m cash prize, but she’s happy to have made it to the ninth week of the show and to have won a former contestant’s heart.

Adult content creator and former contestant Vyno and Terry had sparks flying on the show, and recently made their relationship official.

“We are definitely dating and are in a good place. We’re also trying to figure it out because it’s early days since I came out. He’s already established himself because he’s been out for about a month. But things are really good thus far.”

Pursuing a relationship on the show was far from her intention, Terry said, let alone doing it on-screen with thousands of people watching her.

“It was so weird. It felt like we were dating in a box. I never intended catching feelings for Vyno. I wanted to friendzone him but something just happened.”

Using the attention she’s gained through the show, Terry is looking to get into yoga instructing and adding more flexibility to her page by promoting sexual wellness.

“I don’t want to take this fame thing for granted. I want to monetise as much as I can and be as influential in the most positive way I possibly can. Just money and good vibes. Sexual wellness and safety through. I’m crossing my fingers to partner with some condom brands and spread awareness about sexual wellness as a whole.”

The reality show bug has bitten her and Terry said she’d be open to doing more.