Summer Walker Feat. Lil Durk – Toxic


Summer Walker and Lil Durk interface on “Still Over It.”

Similarly as handcuffing season hits, Summer Walker reminded every one of the women why they ought to stay single with the arrival of her new collection, Still Over It. Dropping two years after the arrival of her authority debut, Over It, Summer’s most recent undertaking tracks down her tending to every one of the issues in her own life that wound up being apparatuses on the sites. Obviously, she did it with the help of some mind boggling partners.

Among the many features on the collection is Summer Walker’s collab with Lil Durk, “Poisonous.” Active By Night, Dreamlife, and Dylan Graham handle the hot creation as Summer ponders the impacts of undesirable connections. Durk doesn’t really follow a comparative topic, rather tending to the norm of relationship objectives he and India Cov have set up throughout the long term.

Look at the tune beneath.

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