Summer Walker – 4th Baby Mama

Summer Walker

This is the “Still Over It” track that incited a reaction from Thugger.

On the off chance that you’ve seen an increment in puzzling subtitles to online media posts, it very well might be on the grounds that R&B fans are getting Summer Walker’s Still Over It verses left and right. The R&B artist put her life in plain view, or all the more along these lines, the disintegrating of her public sentiment with previous fire London On Da Track. He not exclusively is the dad of the artist’s little girl however he additionally went about as her partner, helming the chief maker obligations on her last collection, Over It.

This time around, Summer is putting her mistake and shock on wax, and keeping in mind that the venture’s tunes are only one disclosure after another, “fourth Baby Mama” stood apart to fans since it referenced hitmaker Young Thug. This incited Thugger to send Walker his very own message when he sprung up via online media to give her the center finger alongside a “f*ck you haha.”

On “fourth Baby Mama,” Summer regretted over a man who keeps on having youngsters with a few ladies while likewise dismissing his protective obligations. Maybe this burrow was about London and not Young Thug, but rather she appeared to inquire as to whether he was “attempting to stay aware of Thug” with the quantity of children he has.

Stream “fourth Baby Mama” and offer your considerations.

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