Key Glock – Toolie

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Key Glock drops off a last single to get fans through the last week until “Yellow Tape 2”

Subsequent to starting off the rollout for the profoundly expected Yellow Tape 2 with singles “Desire For Cash” and “Da Truth,” Key Glock is back with a third-and-last track from his development to 2020’s Yellow Tape.

On “Toolie,” the Memphis rapper leaves it alone realized that he’s consistently good to go.

“Before I clean my teeth I snatch my muthaf*ckin toolie,” Glock raps. “I be getting cash, cash be the thing I’m seeking after.”

Like “Aspiration For Cash” and “Da Truth,” “Toolie” is a song of devotion. Rapping over turned around piano rolls and timed handclaps, Glock conveys the message that activities talk a lot stronger than words.

All that Key Glock does is either for the cash, or for something that will lead him the cash later down the line, and with visuals following him from the time he awakens in a lodging to the time he jumps in the Maybach truck and will work, there’s no mixing up what’s really going on with the Yellow Tape rapper.

Like Young Dolph before him, Key Glock makes music for those willing to earn enough to pay the rent no holds barred and “Toolie” is one more illustration of simply that.

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