2FeetBino – Sex, Money, Seafood

Image via 2FeetBino

2FeetBino’s new track “Sex, Money, Seafood” is very appealing.

Atlanta craftsman 2FeetBino has been intriguing fans with a plenty of appealing singles lately, and he is hoping to keep that energy alive. With singles like “In Da Spot” and “How I’m Comin'” in his rearview reflect, he realized he would need to bring the hotness, and that is actually how he managed his most recent exertion called “Sex, Money, Seafood,” which dropped on Thursday.

One of the additional striking pieces of the melody is the instrumental which accompanies a casual drum track and some shining guitars. 2FeetBino proceeds with the casual energies as he presents a calm stream that has some Playboi Carti impact inside it. Expressively, 2FeetBino does a considerable amount of flexing, and by and large, it’s a braggadocios track that accomplishes its objective of making a moron environment.

You can look at the new tune, underneath.

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