Lou Phelps/Spotify

Phelps’ vibey new delivery was created by Madlib.

On his new track, “SOUND OF MONEY,” Lou Phelps collaborates with Madlib, (who he alluded to as “the God” in a new Instagram post) to make a California-cool track that is amazing to add to your turn in case you’re now feeling that late spring wistfulness creep in.

“I love the sound of cash/I love the sound of progress/If you ain’t talking cash/Get the fuck out the way,” the Montreal rapper starts, making an energy that he depicted as “light and fun” to Complex.

“Generally MCs that rap over these example based beats will in general have genuine or cognizant bars, which is fine, yet that particular instrumental sounded light and amusing to me, so I put forth a valiant effort to coordinate with that energy.”

Back in May, Phelps delivered “Supersexe Freestyle,” which has been depicted as “ignoble” by a few. As Complex calls attention to, “SOUND OF MONEY” shows an alternate side of Phelps, demonstrating to audience members that he’s most certainly got range.

On top of the fire singles, the 27-year-old additionally has two collections added to his repertoire – 2018’s 002/LOVE ME and 2020’s EXTRA!.

Alongside the new track, Phelps additionally took care of his fans another music video, which you can watch above.

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