Don Q – Funk Flex Freestyle #167


The New York local halted by Hot 97 for an intense free-form.

In front of his impending collection, Double Or Nothing, “Subconscious” rapper Don Q halted by Hot 97 to free-form for Funk Flex and let everyone in the game in on it isn’t enamored with his side.

Jumping on DMX’s “What These B*****s Want” instrumental, Don spit for almost four minutes about his melodious ability and his life in the BX roads.

“I stroll in with the hotness by the thighs, .357 he endure? Then, at that point, he truly defying expectations,” Don rapped. “You perceive how I rise? Break charges, lash charges, I don’t beat both.”

With a persistent stream, verses portraying a rapper living in the roads and in the corner and a DMX beat, Don Q and Funk Flex transformed this free-form into a quintessential New York hip-jump second. It’s not winter yet, however replay this several months and it’ll make them stroll in the snow feeling like you can achieve anything on earth as long as you hustle for it.


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