Tone Stith – I Don’t Wanna

Tidal/RCA Records

The New Jersey-raised R&B craftsman expects to catch a darling’s consideration with lavish songs and sincere guarantees.

Contemporary R&B artist musician Tone Stith is offering audience members a greater amount of what they love about his music with secrets of his approaching EP Still FWM?, including the most recent drop of his melody “I Don’t Wanna”. The single is a nearby development to his 9 track EP FWM? delivered back in June, highlighting a mesmerizing composition of Tone Stith’s smooth vocals over spellbinding soundscapes mixing pop and R&B impacts.

On the track, Tone Stith vents about his affections for a perplexing accomplice, partial to their common science. “I got a ton at the forefront of my thoughts/Need you here to loosen up/Me and you got a lot of science/Almost like we a similar zodiac sign,” he warbles, raised with the sluggish play of a guitar.

With that, he dispatches into his snappy snare. “I don’t want to pause/You ought to be nearer,” he sings, lost in his recollections of their common reality. All through the remainder of the track, Tone Stith keeps on developing the world he’s structure with his new music. A vivid and ethereal investigate his heartfelt longings, erotic dreams, and proceeded with commitment to sonic investigation.

As per the track list, “I Don’t Wanna” is scheduled to be the EP’s first record, trailed by joint efforts with Chris Brown, Kenneth Paige, and Maeta. Set to drop not long from now, Still FWM? obviously has much for Tone Stith fans to anticipate.

Pay attention to “I Don’t Wanna” beneath.

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