Manila Grey – Island Baby (Maarte)


Manila Gray offer another single off of 88rising’s sister name Paradise Rising’s new EP.

88rising’s sister name Paradise Rising just dropped off their second EP, semilucent 2. Heaven Rising has been investing their amounts of energy towards featuring, enabling, and driving Filipino specialists into the bleeding edge of the music business. Vancouver R&B pair Manila Gray offered another single on the new EP, named, “Island Baby (Maarte).”

“In ‘Island Baby,’ we show love to all the wonderful ladies in our lives, ladies who address the dynamic quality and class of our way of life, both in our home city Vancouver,” the team said of the tune in an assertion. “Maarte is shoptalk for high upkeep in Filipino, however it really implies refined. We simply needed to flip that story into something fun, while displaying the workmanship and the elegance.”

Peep the most recent from Manila Gray underneath.

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