Kodak Black – Killing The Rats



Kodak Black drops a pristine track, “Killing The Rats.”

Kodak Black hasn’t been burning through any time since his delivery from jail recently. After Trump drove his sentence, the rapper immediately got back with Haitian Boy Jack before quickly following it up with Happy Birthday Kodak. Another collection is ready to go, which he prodded with the arrival of Before The Album mixtape. Presently, he’s back in real life with his most recent cut “Killing The Rats.” Dropping at the extremely early times of Sunday morning, the rapper’s most recent track is a re-visitation of structure. “Smokin’ the bug and I’m killin’ the rodents/When I’m back in the ‘jets, I be flippin’ a pack,” he raps on the snare.

The most recent delivery from Kodak Black shows up soon after he gave a public assertion to his fans tending to a large number of disturbing tweets. The rapper additionally appeared to address his need to change his current circumstance, which was as of late announced as a solicitation he made to the court to finish treatment. “I got an incredible emotionally supportive network and encircled by adoration, someone put a bogus gossip in my mind that pushed me to the edge that I can’t say however with everything taken into account I’m alright,” he composed. “I’m truly needing an excursion however being waiting on the post trial process Keep me trapped in this unfortunate climate where my main decision is going around the hood thuggin’.”

check at the most recent record from Kodak Black below.

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