Majid Jordan – Summer Rain

2021 OVO Sound

Majid Jordan line one up for the dancefloor on their new single “Summer Rain.”

Majid Jordan is back with another new single “Summer Rain,” a track that will definitely stimulate local gatherings and dancefloors at whatever point it lines up. On their most recent drop, OVO’s r&b pair tap into the soul of the eighties – however the cutting edge eighties, which has basically affected the melodic pop scene today.

Performer Majid Al Maskati adapts to the situation with an irresistible melodic line, sliding into falsetto as he thinks about an energetic relationship. “The hazier the blue, I’m considering you/I can’t close my eyes when I know what’s coming straightaway,” he sings, over a throbbing mix of synthesizers. “Love on the run as we watch her rising, it’s coming, it’s coming up brilliant.” It’s a promising sign that Majid Jordan’s new collection is coming, and should they keep on working in this strong space, fans who have been energetically anticipating a development to The Space Between won’t be frustrated.

Look at “Summer Rain” presently, and sound off in case you’re invigorated for some new Majid Jordan.

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