Lil Nas X – Lost In The Citadel

Image via Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X draws out the pop-rock flows on “Lost In The Citadel.”

Lil Nas X keeps on being perhaps the greatest craftsman on the planet at the present time and keeping in mind that a lot of individuals rush to loathe on him, there is no rejecting that he realizes how to assemble a snappy melody. His most recent venture MONTERO is being proclaimed for its consistency on the songwriting front, and tracks like “Lost In The Citadel” are getting a lot of affection via online media.

On this track, specifically, Lil Nas X can be heard singing over some pop-rock-propelled creation that helps give you that passionate feel. The craftsman is discovered singing with regards to connections and tragedy that can be overpowering on occasion. All through the collection, these topics are investigated a considerable amount albeit “Lost In The Citadel” feels like the genuine blend of these musings and sentiments. Generally speaking, it’s an extraordinary exertion from Nas X and it tends to be streamed, underneath.

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