Ron Suno Feat. Dusty Locane – Grabba (Remix)


Ron Suno and Dusty Locane collaborate for the remix.

The combination of satire and a menacingly profound conveyance has made Ron Suno a unimaginably novel figure in the drill scene. For one’s purposes, he’s from the Bronx, not Brooklyn, in the same way as other of the drill stars arising out of New York. In addition, he’s a previous humorist and YouTuber that is figured out how to shed the shame of both as he entered the rap game.

The single “Grabba” was a feature off of Suno’s Jokes Up project he dropped recently. This week, he slid through with the authority remix to the melody with the assistance of Dusty Locane. Suno’s refrain from the first track stays as before yet Dusty Locane’s sprinkles his forceful energy to the blend to help the record.

Look at the remix beneath.

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