Injury Reserve – Superman That

Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve’s second studio collection ” By The Time I Get to Phoenix” shows up September 15.

In barely seven days, Injury Reserve will be dropping By The Time I Get to Phoenix, its second studio collection and first full-length since the death of Jordan “Stepa J.” Groggs. Last month, the elective Hip-Hop bunch reemerged without precedent for well longer than a year to declare the new collection and give audience’s a brief look at their new solid with the single “Knees.”

Presently, seven days in front of the collection’s delivery, Injury Reserve is back with a subsequent single, a turbulent and perplexing tune named “Superman That.” Following some Death Grips-level twisting, Ritchie with a T sings about a sad circumstance and rehashes, “Ain’t no savin’ me, ain’t no savin’ me, or you.”

Like “Knees,” “Superman That” feels definitely more dynamic than the gathering’s prior yield, which probably lines up with the recently prodded “improvisatory” style. Pay attention to the brief, yet paramount new single from Injury Reserve and let us know whether you’re a devotee of the gathering’s recently discovered bearing in theĀ  comment.

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