2021 EQT Recordings

JPEGMAFIA gets back with his pristine sigle “TRUST,” one more odd look into his reality.

JPEGMAFIA has gotten back with his new single “TRUST!”, reporting a line of event dates simultaneously. In commonplace JPEG style, he played the instruments, blended, and dominated this one completely, and it’s probably he’ll do likewise on most of his impending collection. With respect to this one, JPEG bands a synth-driven, anxious, and fiendishly unconventional beat, any semblance of which is only here and there found in hip-jump music.

It’s part – yet positively not all – of what separates JPEG from his friends. That creativity, a proud eagerness to seek after whatever melodic intuition might emerge inside him. Here, he discreetly explores his creation as he spits a couple of consecutive stanzas; however the topic he covers expressively here probably won’t be the most unique, the whole bundle is so abnormal it feels certainly novel.

Look at JPEGMAFIA’s most recent here, and show some affection to the Baltimore rapper in case you’re energized for his next album.

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