Camino – OATH

Via Soundcloud

88Camino shares a brand new solo single.

It’s been longer than a year since 88GLAM delivered their last undertaking, New Mania. Filling in as their first post-XO project, they got back on track on 88GLAM2 and endeavored to keep up with the force. They dropped a couple of singles since including “Earnest Messages” and “East To West” with 6ixbuzz, alongside “Paradise Can Wait.”

Both 88CAMINO and Derek Wise started as solo craftsmen before they united, however it seems like it’s been some time since we’ve gotten singular endeavors from both of them. This week, Camino slid through with his first performance track “Vow.” The touchy creation is furnished with pounding bass and mesmerizing woodwinds as Camino floats all through tunes specifying his indulgent way of life.

check the record below and let us know your thoughts in the comment.


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