AJ Tracey Feat. NAV – Kukoç


A fire cut off of “Influenza Game.”

From multiple points of view, AJ Tracey is keeping up with the embodiment of grime, even when it isn’t getting a handle on standard consideration. His qualities have consistently demonstrated to be his flexibility as a craftsman; having the option to adjust to a given creation. It’s to a great extent why he actually gets commended for his range of abilities as a MC even with such a standard presence.

Influenza Game, Tracey’s most recent collection that gives recognition to Jordan’s notorious influenza game, offers a variety of sounds from more perky, UK Garage-focused tracks like “Mabel Ten.” However, he does in any case fiddle a bit into the drill sound. He and Nav associate on “Kukoç,” another respect to a Bulls player. Yung Swisher and pxcoyo concoct a chilling instrumental while Tracey advocates for himself as a big enchilada in the game. In the mean time, Nav’s syrup-actuated stream explains on the tremendous flexes.

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