ABG Neal – With You

Image via ABG Neal

ABG Neal is back with another tune that exhibits his capacity to drop bars.

Brooklyn craftsman ABG Neal has been taking some large actions lately and fans are starting to get hip to what he can do on the mic. The craftsman really used to be a fighter however he has since progressed to the music world and he is taking advantage of this new chance. With some idiot singles effectively out on web-based features, the craftsman returned right as of late with another work called “With You.”

With this track, we quickly get met with a simpleton laid-back instrumental that is loaded up with some pleasant guitar lines. From that point, ABG Neal conveys a few braggadocios bars as though he is conversing with a lady he is attempting to get with. This is the place where ABG Neal talks on his way of life and how individuals around him are continually watching out for his different moves.

It’s an imbecile exertion from the craftsman and you can look at it beneath.

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