SZA – Nightbird

Image via Nightbird

Could SZA be attempting to allude to something?

Regardless of not delivering a collection in more than four years, SZA has been extraordinarily dynamic today as she got the early daytime going with another tune on her mystery SoundCloud called “Joni.” SZA then, at that point followed this up with a melody called “I Hate You,” and presently, she is back again with a third exertion called “Nightbird.” For now, it seems like these tunes are basically unused tracks from an impending collection, albeit the blends recommend that these are completely fleshed-out endeavors.

Concerning the track “Nightbird,” SZA presents some fun bass lines that contain your commonplace r&b flows. From that point, the vocalist mourns about a bombed relationship and the man that keeps on treating her terribly. With “Joni” and “I Hate You,” SZA is wrestling with the separation yet on “Nightbird,” she appears to be totally tired of it.

It’s impossible to tell whether these drops will prompt another collection, nonetheless, there is no question that she has her fans talking.


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