Nate Husser Feat. Mick Jenkins – Teriyaki

2021 +1 Records / Empire

MTL’s own Nate Husser associates with Mick Jenkins to get an energy and spit bars on “Teriyaki.”

Montreal is in the structure as Nate Husser taps the privileged MTL-delegate Mick Jenkins for the new single “Teriyaki.” Those acquainted with Husser’s energy definitely realize that the lyricist is no more peculiar to experimentation, a reality that turns out to be clear inside the track’s initial minutes. At first shooting rhymes in a perplexing design, it might require one moment to assemble one’s direction – however when the beat hits, all that begins to meet up. It’s a demonstration of Husser’s intense methodology, and in a little while, he’s kicking intelligent bars over energetic synthesizers.

“Never did the costumðµ, imagining crap however consistently was Halloween, even with no pot to pee in, had a lotta green,” he spits. “Roads trust me like banks trust white men/I may very well get rich and still snare, I’m simply sayin’.” Mick Jenkins comes through to finish things off, his own lethal pen making him a commendable fighting accomplice for Husser. “Cover me with rulers or I need incineration, kindly don’t phony the poo,” he raps. “We not actually discussing the workmanship, ni*gas heard it once, you talk about squandering poo/Ni*gas ain’t got point, you talk about squandering cuts.”

For the individuals who like crude lyricism and evident energies, make certain to give Nate Husser and Mick Jenkins’ new cooperation “Teriyaki” a twist at the present time.

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