Melvoni Feat. DDG & Tyla Yaweh – GET MONEY

Image via Melvoni

Melvoni, DDG, and Tyla Yaweh do a ton of flexing on synergistic single “GET MONEY.”

Melvoni has been having an incredible effect actually on account of a plenty of dope singles that hotshot his singing chops, just as a capacity to compose snappy snares that will remain with you. As of late, the craftsman connected up with any semblance of DDG and Tyla Yaweh for another tune called “GET MONEY” which includes the entirety of the young richness you would anticipate from these three.

The track conveys forward an anthemic vibe as there are penetrating synths and a taking off ensemble from Melvoni who keeps on reciting “Get Money” all while matching this mantra up with a lot of other sketchy exercises. From that point, every craftsman conveys braggadocios verses that see them parading their abundance, status, and the entirety of the ladies they can get with.

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