Morray – Bigger Things

Pick Six / Interscope

Rising star Morray ponders “Greater Things” on the ardent “Road Sermons” closer.

Recently, new Interscope Morray steered from the customary Friday discharge (maybe an astute move given that DJ Khaled is dropping off his elegant Khaled project) and conveyed his introduction mixtape Street Sermons. Filling in as a solid grandstand of his heartfelt vocals, sharpened after time spent in the congregation ensemble, the task goes far in acquainting Morray with a standard crowd. What’s more, from its sound, he’s not going to waste the chance.

As confirmed on the intelligent nearer “Greater Things,” Morray is prepared to turn the page onto the following section. “You heard a portion of my story, attempted to let you inside my life/It took some time I was a youngster yet I’m at long last beginning to get things right,” he raps. “It was my shortcoming most occasions, fuc*ed up the entirety of mine/But presently I’m developed and I’m on my pound.” Given how much his life seems to have improved since he genuinely started pursuing his fantasy, expect to see him keep on lifting in the months to come. All things considered, this is just the mixtape, and the appropriate studio collection is right now in progress.

On the off chance that you haven’t yet given Street Sermons a tune in, make certain to do as such here.


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