Krayzie Bone – Surfing The Sky

Krayzie Bone sets up the predominance of his forthcoming weed strain “First Of The Month” on “Riding The Sky.”

Krayzie Bone is a veteran with regards to the bud-smoking, having given proper respect to the spice on numerous occasions all through his Bone Thugs and solo yield. Presently, he’s taking his appreciation higher than ever, preparing for the dispatch of his new strain “First Of The Month” with the new collection Leaves Of Legend. To pay tribute to the Bone Thugs veteran, it feels fitting to plunge into one of the venture’s strict features, a tune that tracks down the melodic Cleveland spitter climbing and “Riding The Sky.”

Taking to the vibey creation without breaking a sweat, plainly not even the most powerful bud can dull Krayzie’s honed stream. “Them other weed strands we ran them out, the legend ain’t messing about,” he raps, his rhythm mixing with the climatic creation. “They better hear me cause plainly I’m saying it noisy, I’m the new brand around/n***a we smoke, you can’t be substitute’ around, except if you’re sharing a pound.”

Look at the most recent from Krayzie Bone, and ought to “Riding The Sky” grab your eye, watch out for his impending strain to drop this Friday.

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