YN Jay – Coochie Language

2021 YN Records

YN Jay passes on nothing to the creative mind on “Coochie Language,” a ribald song of praise committed to the advantages of bilingualism.

The significance of being bilingual ought not go overlooked, and Detroit local YN Jay realizes this very well. In that capacity, he’s selected to dedicate his opportunity to the eager investigation of “Coochie Language,” doing his part to get the message out like the mentor we never realized we required. Having just barely turned in a visitor appearance on Lil Yachty’s Michigan Boy Boat, Jay burns through brief period in returning to rudiments with “Coochie Language,” a tune that features the numerous novel qualities that put him aside.

Over a wavy instrumental from ENRGY, self-announced “Coochie Man” Jay tunnels profound into a sudden pocket, running through naughty bars that truly focus on every one of the five detects. There’s a weirdness to his methodology that will probably estrange a few audience members, while others will clearly wind up spellbound by Jay’s moxy and evidently unique stream. Wrong, valid, however overflowing with character no different either way. Jump into the higher learnings of “Coochie Language” presently, and lose yourself in YN Jay’s universe of depravity and ferocious road ways of thinking now.


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