YehMe2 Feat. Duke Deuce – Dog Eat Dog

2021 Ultra Records

YehMe2 bands a vile banger for Quality Control rapper Duke Deuce, who places in work on “Vicious.”

Chicago maker YehMe2 has united with Quality Control’s Duke Deuce, coming through with the hard-hitting new single “Brutal.” Picking up the latest relevant point of interest, Deuce takes to YehMe2’s unfavorable creation to set some hard boundaries. “Ridin down your road with two warmers and a monstrosity,” he raps, as the critical pianos swarm underneath him. “Diggers say I’m a canine, I’m a canine off the chain.”

Generally, he picks to affirm his strength with a large number of flexes, changing around the stream for the subsequent refrain. “Throw up, weighty with the ammo presently would we be able to off a few,” he spits, getting a smooth pocket hefty on the Southern bob. “Each n***a round me eating you realize I throw a few/all the poop up in my manor you realize it cost a few.”

Look at the most recent from YehMe2, who seems, by all accounts, to be getting back to the hip-jump game furiously, and sound off underneath. Do you think Duke Deuce needs to work with YehMe2 all the more frequently, given how hard “Merciless” goes?

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